Achievement And Technology

achieve. achievement, as much as we bullshit ourselves about how we appreciate someone's honesty or sense of humor, or character, is what we as 21st century westerners appreciate most. It's interesting how much a drastic change you feel when you decide to speak to every bum, worker, artist, nobody, somebody, drifter, mystery, not as if you love them, but if they've achieved great things, like if they were famous or rich or won awards or have been confirmed as successful, how that immediately erases almost all to their flaws. So am I part of the problem by judging someone on some psycho-social capitalist scale? Or have I found a new way, at least for now, to love everyone. 


we've been the same throughout the years but now who we've always been is just more apparent, in our face, media-fide, magnified. In a way, this is the greatest time of our lives because we can finally see in all it's truth and glory who, for better or worse, we are. we've always had an appetite for power, food, lust, the beauty the superficial, the land, now, there's so much technology that we're constantly surveying ourselves, voyeurism exponentially, the roots of our core, our ape, our instinct have reached the tips of their strands and we are hanging in no balance, hanging and finally exposed. technology isn't inherently bad. if every time you logged onto your smart phone you donated to charity, or expressed gratitude worldwide, or helped somebody or shared knowledge or researched info beneficial to the world, then the smart phone would be sacred. technology gives us the ultimate window to see who we really are, up close and personal, all day everyday on a global scale. Finally, we have some attempt at truth to study the width and depth and complete spectrum of humanity. And learn from our new looking glass and find what's working, what's not, what's worth not working, what's not worth not.