An Emerald Dancing

An Emerald Dancing [Difference between Sex and Oil Drilling]
Inspired by William Blake’s “A Memorable Fancy” from Marriage of Heaven and Hell

When she whinny’s and kicks
the horse head of the oil drill bows and strikes
If I can get this V-belt to revolve perfectly
I will make her soar like the edges of a crystal glass
The prime mover has always begotten the crank
But this time my arms and beams have (desired)counterweight
This time we can drill oil
Back into her guts
I grab tight onto the bridle
The polished rod diving and retracting
With the fringes of the stuffing box
Some Oil and gas expelled
Stroke length, sucker rod
In oil drilling you can’t fall out of love.

Impregnated with oil virgin woman turns red then white then blue then grimaces her mouth in rage and insanity and commands, “usurp wooden fires for oily sensation! drill me like an intravenous drip! You, slurp the oil from your dish bowls of chastity and return them to my furnace! I will burn the exhaust of man.
With straws harvesting black semen out of the earth, the fairies combust manhood and stink up the channels of information with his exhaust. “Pay the fairies!” shouts man from the deeper inner ball of earth, “and the new born man will contemplate on every cry from woman’s earth”

Smaller the brain
Smaller the reason
Bigger the harvest of the infinite season