Springsteen Is A Billy Goat

Springsteen is a Billy Goat
his eyebrows jackknife like bobbing horns
as his nose wrinkles up in a fierce inhale.
His under bite muffles the gruff in his throat
and shows a bottom row of flat grounded down teeth
he jerks his neck around.

He carries with him the ass kicking
of a thousand factory workers
the heavy jaw of the veteran
and wears their colors proudly
in his shaggy hair
and Billy Goat beard

His head is disproportionately larger than his shoulders
which narrow down to a small solid frame
wiry ankles
and black leather hoofs
stammering to the top of a wobbly mountain
he winks.

He is grounded and building traction now
butting his face into the microphone
like it meets him halfway and bucks back
he sings as if in pain
interlocking with the down trodden, the horses and the mules
he pounds out their agony until it is thin enough to wear.

Cracking away at the weak spots in the fence
Springsteen churns
like a motor that can run full throttle
for four hours
like a Billy Goat
with a head made of steel.